Fall In Love With The Substance Of Success

March 28, 2021

Fall in love with the substance, not the image of success.

The image can be changed, manipulated, distorted. The substance is what will remain when you no longer do.

The image is the material and avaricious things in life, things which provide no value to those left behind once you are gone. Substance is leaving a legacy and impacting the world and the ones around you in a way where you can be remembered.

No matter what religion or beliefs you follow about life after death, we cannot deny that at on point in life, we will all no longer be here.

How many of you can recall your great grandfather’s first name? A man who likely played a huge role in the reason you are where you are today, the area you group up in, the characteristics of your parents and those traits passed onto you.

The people of our past have curated the person before us, yet we give them no recognition. They didn’t leave their legacy. Leaves yours.

No one wants to be forgotten two generations later. The image, nice cars and fancy watches won’t live on forever, but your legacy and the substance of that success will.

"Material will perish whilst knowledge and influence is immortal" — Abdullah Nadeem

Start a video diary for your future self, write letters to your future children, journal your thoughts down to benefit and influence those after you.

Don’t leave this world without leaving your mark.


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