Focus On Progression, Not Perfection

March 28, 2021

Perfection is an illusion. It is not something we should strive for. Once you become okay with 'in progress' as much as 'completed' or ' perfect', it is almost impossible to fail.

"Perfection is an illusion because we just end up wanting more" - Thomas Oppong

As Thomas Oppong said, we will realistically never reach a point of perfection. Therefore, by realising we are living in a constant state of progression, you cannot be greeted with disappointment.

If disappointment can't find it's way into your life, all 'failures' will just be treated as a learning experience. Embrace the process and enjoy it.

Practising consistency doesn't have to be half as hard as we make it out to be. The start should not be sudden, ease into it, but first stop overthinking.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis

As procrastinators, we tend to overthink and over analyse situations to avoid the extra step. The inability to make a decision a fall into the trap of 'analysis paralysis' can be the make or break of our lives.

"If you spend too much time thinking about it, you'll never get it done" - Bruce Lee

At it's core, analysis paralysis is procrastination and perfectionism. If you cannot define it or act upon it, forget it!

Treat time like money. £86,400 per day is a lot money, therefore, 86,000 seconds, the number of seconds in a day, should feel like a lot of time.

How much 'money' are you losing a day based off analysis paralysis?


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