How To Balance Enthusiasm With Discipline

October 13, 2021

Nowadays, we are bombarded with self-improvement content, and it can feel as if life is moving at 100mph.

When it comes to achieving our goals, discipline is the number ONE tool we need to get there. This is because with discipline, comes consistency and with consistency comes results.

However, we tend only to show times when we are disciplined and focused on social media, and therefore, it can come across like nobody is ever taking a break. This can result in the rise of high-performance anxiety for the person across the screen.

It is crucial that we are able to balance enthusiasm with discipline to avoid burnout. Here are 3 practical ways in which you can do that:

“Balance is a myth but harmony is a must.” — Lisa Nichols

📆 1. Don’t work every day

We’re aware that with consistency comes results. However, in order for real results to show, we need to maintain a drive and passion for our work. That hunger to work comes from taking a break and stepping away.

If we’re constantly working, we lose that hunger and urge to keep going, and what used to be passion has now turned into burnout and exhaustion.

Having things to look forward to helps to keep things fresh and remain focused during work.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” — Anne Lamott

🤦 2. Avoid comparison

We are all on our separate journeys, and sometimes, including myself, we can fall into the trap of comparing our progress with our peers.

Social media acts as a blanket that covers failure. The majority of the time, we don’t get to see the 100 failed attempts before success, and therefore, we would give up on our 99th attempt.

Have faith that your work will pay off and avoid comparison.

“Comparison is the theft of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt

⚡️ 3. Manage your energy, not your time

I picked up this idea from Thomas Oppong. Your energy, motivation, and will to work ‘dips’ as the day progresses, it’s important to plan accordingly and do your best and high-level work when you peak in the day, whether that’s in the afternoon or evening.

The work with the most priority will get done to its best capability, as you have the most energy. During slump time, try taking a walk, relax with the family, or even take a power nap for 10 to 20 minutes. This will allow you to maintain your enthusiasm and energy to work — improving your discipline.

Have a great week!


P.S I know I've been really inactive recenetly and I do apologise for that, these past couple weeks have been crazy as I've just been settling into university and medical school. Now that I've somewhat found my bearings 😅 and survived freshers, I'm ready to be active again. See you soon and thanks for sticking around!

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