Live Your Life Like The Main Character - Leave Your Legacy. 💭

July 8, 2021

When it’s all said and done, the only thing keeping you alive will be the stories people have of you.

Your great, great grandparents have had a lot to do with why you are the way you are today. Whether that’s to do with the way they raised their kids, to where they migrated to. All those decisions they made, have in one way or another had an impact on your life.

If one of those decisions had been different, you potentially wouldn’t be living where you are now or have the morals you have today.

With that said, how many of us know our great, great grandparents names? — …Yeah…me neither.

So, one day you and myself are going to be great, great grandparents and personally, I would want my name to be remembered for the impact I had on my family and those around us.

What’s the reason they will talk about you?

Creating generational wealth to provide for your family later in the future is one way to keep your name in their mouths.

However, that can only last so long and for your great, great grandchild who will be 10 years old, I don’t think they will care that you had a lot of money, but rather be inspired in other ways.

Are you able to build family traditions to be passed down and be remembered for something rather than money and success?

Make a Video Diary

One of the best decisions I made during lockdown last year was starting a video diary.

This just includes a folder of videos recorded on my phone with my updating my future self about any changes in my life and/or how I’m feeling at the current time.

Having a bank of footage to look back on with your future family and families after that will allow your name to live on a lot longer than if the evidence wasn't there. Our great, great grandparents didn’t have this privilege, so let’s make the most out of it.

A Letter To Your Future Self

As I’m writing this, I have a letter in an envelope in my drawer that says:

“Open when you’re 30, from 13 year old Abdullah”

If you haven’t written yourself a future letter, DO IT.

I was lucky enough to have made one 7 years ago but make one today and open it in 10 years. Looking back on your dreams and aspirations 10 years ago will be an incredible experience you can share with your family.

Be the main character of your story.

Have a great week!


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