Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

March 25, 2021
"It is not death a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live" - Marcus Aurelius

The majority of us are not morning people, our energy starts to rise around mid-day and THAT'S OKAY. We've all seen these 'My 5am Morning Routine' videos on Youtube and they brainwash us into thinking the only way to get the most out of our day is to wake up at ridiculous hours and not give our body enough rest. When in reality, this will only reduce our motivation to get things done though-out the day because we'll be too tired to pick ourselves up. The secret is to work with your body, not against it. Find your own path.

Of course you could fit more into the day by waking up at 5am, but that shouldn't be out of force, it takes time to develop. A more realistic approach in my opinion is to manage your energy, not your time. An idea I picked up from Thomas Oppong. Your energy, motivation, and will to work “dips” as the day progresses, it’s important to plan accordingly and do your best and high-level work when you peak in the day, whether that's in the afternoon or evening. The work with the most priority will get done to its best capability as you have the most energy. During a slump time, try taking a walk, relax with the family or even take a power nap for 10 to 20 minutes.

"If you don't prioritise your life, someone else will" - Greg McKnown

The 6 Irrational Fears:

1. The Fear of The 1st Step

We all definitely procrastinate that first step, whether it's washing the dishes or working out, the ability to escape the mental block seems like the hardest part. One way I'd try to escape this is to ask myself 'Why am I doing this?' then visualise the best possible outcome/future if I were to commit. Everyone will have their own methods so it's all trial & error.

2. The Fear of Oneself

The ability to be confident in our own abilities is something we tend to lack. Let's give ourselves some credit, we're still breathing :)

3. The Fear of Failure

As corny as it sounds, I am a big believer that one cannot achieve success without failure. We should embrace it, learn from it, teach ourselves to use it for benefit and not be influenced by those around us who act like they aren't failing, which will only result in self-disbelief.

"Every failure brings with it the seen of an equivalent success...persistence creates faith and faith is the only antidote for failure" - Napoleon Hill

4. The Fear of External Judgement

It's your life. Not theirs. Don’t overthink it.

5. The Fear of Hardship & Uncertainty

Preparation reduces uncertainty. Majority of things in life we can prepare for, meaning, if we are persistent and driven enough in our preparation, the best outcome is almost guaranteed.

"By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail" -Benjamin F.

6. The Fear of Competition

I feel like we all need to be more comfortable with being the worst in the room. When you don't fear competition and you accept that the people around you will be better in certain aspects of life, the only way is up. Learning to absorb their knowledge rather than compete with it is much more beneficial.  

"We are not learning if our mouths are open" - Dalai Lama


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