Rather Than Trying to Be The Best, Try to Be The Only

March 28, 2021

Life is like a nightclub. There are 3 ways in. An analogy brought along by Alex Banayan in 'The Third Door'.

Entry 1. Main entrance where people are queuing up for 5 blocks waiting to be let in.

Entry 2. Current billionaires and celebrities.

In life, there is always a third door, this is the one where you knock on the kitchen window, make friends with the chef and are let inside. Or even breaking through the fire exit.

All people on the road to success use the third door.

Find a way to build an interesting portfolio that is different to what people are doing. This varies from diverse ventures and experiences which will put you 10 steps ahead of the people around you. Your entrance will be less competitive and easier to navigate through.

"Rather than trying to be the best, try to be the only" - Alex Banayan.

We often ignore the pessimistic and unambitious people in our lives because we get caught up in temporary enjoyment. As a young adult, one of the best mindsets you can adapt is sacrificing the un-beneficial moment for a lifetime of joy. Don't underestimate the power your peers have on your success. There are downfalls to surrounding yourself with people more motivated than you. Chose to become an architect of your environment rather than a victim. Where you spend your attention is where you spend your life.

Quick strategy I like to use: If you're struggling to complete your priorities, place a post-it where you spend the most time procrastinating written: "Am I inventing things to do, to avoid the important?". The guilt will sink in. At least for me it does.

"You are the average of the 5 people you associate yourself with most" - Tim Ferriss


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