The Power of Saying No

March 28, 2021
“If you’re not saying “hell yeah” about something, say no. This way, you get to make time to spend the time on the “hell yeah”. We’re all busy, saying yes to less is the way out.” — Derek Sivers

Saying ‘Yes’ to spontaneous ventures has invited some of the most unforgettable memories into my life. It’s hard to see the negative in saying ‘Yes’ when we are often greeted with great experiences after agreeing to something. However, we tend to forget the bad experiences and in reality those are the ones which take up more of our life.

The idea is if you’re feeling anything but ‘Hell Yeah I would love to do that’ in response to an optional outing, then It’s a No.

Adapting this mentality occasionally, can have huge impacts and invite new experiences. This is because most of us say ‘Yes’ to too many things and fill our lives with little, mediocre experiences and when the ‘HELL YES’ things comes along, we don’t have time to give it the attention we should, because we’ve spent too much time on the half valuable ‘yes’ situations.

By limiting your availability, It’s easier to prioritise and work towards the goals you really wish to achieve, rather than filling up time purposelessly.  

These ‘hell yeah’ projects should be those that interest you, push you to a new level, ultimately leading to more rewarding outcomes.

“Your attention is one of the most valuable things you possess, which is why everyone wants to steal it from you. First you must protect it, and then you must point it in the right direction. “ — Austin Kleon

If you imagine your time was worth £1000/hour, would you continue to say ‘yes’ to the same number of things?

“Sometimes, you have to say no to your old self, in order to yes to the new you.” – F.J

How you spend your time is more important than the time you have.

Have a great week!



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