Time is Non-Refundable, Use It With Intention

March 25, 2021

Hey guys! So, I'm starting a weekly newsletter/blog where I can dump out ideas or thoughts I'm having on self-improvement, productivity, current affairs, music etc. Just to try give out a dose of motivation in these unprecedented times in order to reach your goals within the week, or present life changing systems. From a guy who hates listening to people who talk in hypothetical and show no evidence to their advice, I understand why you may not want to listen to an 18 year old who is just grasping the concept of life himself and that's one reason why I put this off for so long. However, this is more so for me to look back on in the future whilst providing some valuable insight into things I've learnt along the way. Rather than sounding like a preacher.

DISCLAIMER: With this, I am not whatsoever telling you how to live your life. You should aim to maximise your happiness and satisfaction through-out the day. Your mental health comes first. If that's involves doing the opposite of what I'm saying, follow those thoughts. A lot of people have just come to me with similar goals and it's easier to give my input this way.

"Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement" - James Clear.

In 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear, he emphasises how time magnifies the margin between success and failure and how good habits make time your ally. By forming good habits such as a morning routine/ritual where you aim to work towards are long term goals everyday, that margin between success and failure will shrink. Instead of restricting yourself to occasional daily goals, make it your mission to have a daily system. This 'system' will become apart of your identity, making it impossible to lose motivation. A good productivity system should feel like nothing at all and act as an invisible part of your routine. This just comes with time, discipline and consistency.

"You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems"

Also, begin at a level which is easy for you until it becomes easy for you to do it at any level. Start with something ridiculously easy so you have no excuse to take that first step, but the only goal you have is to continue it tomorrow, it will naturally become a habit at that point i.e. if you have a goal to workout everyday, don't start by telling yourself to need to run a mile a day as you'll form high/false expectations. Begin with running for 10 mins today and 15 tomorrow. Making a small commitment never prevents you from doing more, but it does prevent you from feeling guilty for doing less.

"You're not insulting the process of personal development if you don't do the biggest version of it". - T.K Coleman.

During this lock-down it seems so hard to wake up early and get things done no matter how motivated we feel the night before. We all know the classic advice like 'turn off all electronics 2 hours before bed' like shushhhh that's just not happening. 6 things which have helped me:

  1. Plan the next day, right before you sleep with DETAIL - what's one thing that will make tomorrow a win?
  2. Write down one thing you wish to achieve/ where you want to be in 5 years and read aloud - ACT IN SERVICE TO YOUR FUTURE SELF
  3. Download 'Alarmy' and keep phone at least 1 metre away. This apps gives you the option where the only way to turn off your alarm is to solve maths equations (there's also a memorisation game option). The basic idea of this is to get brain stimulation as soon as you wake up so its harder to fall asleep and avoid snoozing.
  4. Tire yourself out during the day. It's definitely not as easy to get tired during these times but really push yourself, physically and mentally, to reach a point of exhaustion and satisfaction by 10-11:00pm. This can be done by working out, reading, learning a complex skill, beginning a new venture, I've found that gardening has turned into a full body work-out lol.
  5. Go outdoors as soon as possible. Getting fresh air after washing your face with cold water will wake you up instantly even if its 8:00am or 3pm.
  6. Sleep early. As simple as it may sound, its just the reality isn't it. Just think how yourself in one years time will not have benefited from 'watching one more episode' more than learning a life-changing skill that morning.

It may seem like nothing, but all these little changes to your life add up and allow you to ultimately reach your end-goals of accumulating wealth, happiness and/or your idea of success. In one years time what will you regret not starting today?

"Remember- no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than it is required to accept misery and poverty" - Napoleon Hill

To wrap up, I genuinely find happiness in seeing those around me succeed and I'm not only starting this to help out others but I also need to prove to myself that I can do this and stay consistent with it (I'm aiming to send out a new issue every week so feel free to forward/subscribe :). So, I encourage all of you, if any of you are still reading, go and learn or accomplish that one thing you've been ignoring, find a valuable venture to add to your life that your future, successful self will thank you for. Don't wait, the time will never be just right.


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