Using Your Voice To Free Individuals — What’s Happening in Palestine?

June 18, 2021

In 1947, Israel was established as a state within Palestine. Since then, over 7 million native Palestinians have been displaced from their homes to refugee camps, without the option to return. Some factions within Israel eventually want to take control of the entire west bank by squeezing out Palestinians from their land using violent and illegal measures.

There is a Palestinian neighbourhood in Occupied East Jerusalem called ‘Sheikh Jarrah’. Under international law, East Jerusalem legally belongs to Palestinians but Israel have illegally been ‘occupying’ this land for decades now.

Earlier this year, the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah was attacked by the Israeli settlers with the support of the military, forcing native Palestinians who have lived there for years, out of their homes.

The Palestinians peacefully protested to protect the people of Sheikh Jarrah but were faced with violence, baseless arrests, stun grenades and chemically advanced sewage water from the Israeli occupation forces.

This was followed by not one, but TWO attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque during the holy month of Ramadan where Palestinians were peacefully praying. This resulted in the Israeli occupation forces to gain access to all the keys for the mosque and take full control over the peaceful place of worship.

There is a clear asymmetry of power when the oppressor has one of the most sophisticated and well-equiped armies in the world,backed by the US and other world powers. Against an oppressed people living in an apartheid state with embargoes on land, sea and air.

As of today, this month alone, at least 1,948 Palestinians have been injured and over 248 killed by Israeli airstrikes including 66 children. The response from the Palestinan Hamas’ attacks killed 12 people in Israel, including one child.

A ceasefire between Gaza and Israel was announced where residents of Gaza returned home after 11 days of constant bombing.

However, this ‘truce’ does not mean total peace, as Israeli soldiers still have power to do as they wish on the ground, highlighted by Palestinians on Twitter.

As Samira Naseer, a woman living in Gaza said:

“What does this truce mean? We may be back in our homes but we don’t have a place to sit. We don’t have water, we don’t have electricity, we don’t have beds, we don’t have anything.”

The ceasefire has led prices around Gaza to rise, leaving 800,000 Palestinians with no access to drinking water and over 90,000 left without shelter.

As of today (17/06/21), the Israeli Occupation Forces have arrested over 1 million Palestinians, 50,000 of those arrests being children who are choosing to speak out against their oppression.

What we at ‘Actions Speak Louder’ want:

The devisive factions in Israel have realised they are losing the popular conflict online, stepping up efforts to censor content. This goes to show that mass involvement in global issues really can lead to major change. The pressure needs to continue and be mirrored towards political leaders to take action against the oppressors. Your voice matters!

Actions Speak Louder.

How you can help:

Visit our website which contains resources such as donation sites to support those charities working in Palestine, links to email your MP, petitions and overall awareness for the Palestinian issue.

@moretoamedic - Abdullah


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