What Do You Want Your Life To Look Like?

March 28, 2021

Approach life with a wide lens.

Don’t get sucked into the trap of competing with peers for whatever proxy-social-status our particular field values.

Whoever and wherever you want to be in life will never match up identically with someone else and therefore comparison will restrict your ability to reach your goals.

“Comparison is the theft of joy” — Theodore Roosevelt

It’s so hard to see error around us because people never tend to show off their failures but will never think twice to exaggerate a win.

Due to this, our minds get clouded with perfection and every time we go through social media we only see the outcome of people’s success. What we don't see if the 100 failures before that one post.

Provide yourself with the confidence to fail. Post your failures. By encouraging exploration and failure we will all feel more inclined to take risks and escape our bubble of perfection, reaching the potential for greater rewards.

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

Be Confident With Your Strategy

We've all seen the 'private life is a happy life' posts and we're often told to keep our plans and goals to ourselves. As much as I support this and live the exact same way, I think it's time to start talking and being open about our strategy.

Your goal is the thing you'll be betting will happen if your strategy works.

If you truly believe in your work, talking about your 'strategy' shouldn't matter because other people would not have the guts or persistence to turn that your strategy into acheiving their goal.

Your goal is the change you seek to make in the world, and that is unique to you.

"You can borrow knowledge, but not action" - James Clear


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