What Would You Attempt If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

March 28, 2021

Have you ever wanted to become an entrepreneur? A musician? An actor or actress?

Well, what if I told you, I’m giving you one wish to attempt anything, any skill and it will succeed all the way through.

So, what are you attempting?

Now, ask yourself, what is it that's holding you back from that achievement. If your answer was ‘To have a successful business’ or ‘To have a successful YouTube channel’, what’s stopping that from being a reality?

Do you not have the right team, the right funds or correct equipment?

Pin-point the specific reasons to why you’re drifting further away from a dream rather than being attracted to it, then progressively work towards improving the certain aspects required.

If you wanted to write a successful book, start by drafting a plan, write every day and review your work with others to gain inspiration.

Unless your answer was to become a giraffe, realistically nothing you say can convince me that with the right approach, it wouldn’t be possible.

“Show me someone great and I’ll show you someone obsessed” — Einstein

I know certain people who would want to be smart and say, ‘I would want to be successful at everything I do’ — however, here’s why that may be the worst thing you can say.

There is a popular Anime called “One-Punch Man”.

The idea behind it is that the Main Character is so strong he defeats every enemy, monster and villain with just one punch.

Throughout the episodes all the character wants is one challenging fight, and he is bored with everything he does.

Nothing is a challenge, which makes it all be bland.

The reason movies are exciting is because you do not know how it will turn out, that is why we all hate spoilers and why authors and creators create cliffhangers.

Life would be boring without its challenges and failures.

It’s the not-knowing how a situation will turn out that gives it it’s flair. — Lukas Schwekendiek

Ultimately, this question should really help you discover what excites you in life and what would provide the most entertaining challenges.

Use that as a compass and let your work be the direction in which it goes.

I’m not saying now you have to become a pop-star, but if that’s what excites you, direct your life into that realm/direction during any free time you have and see where it takes you.

Have a great week!



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